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Time tells everything

19 days ago

He said somethings last week that hurt me. He never apologized. He said, he wanted me to go get help, or not contact him ever again. Funny. But I’ve not ever been told that before. I was going thru a bad time last week, and wanted him to be more reciptive of my feelings. He Failed. Accused me of needing therapy. I think it was a plot to divert himself from being the understanding, listening ear. Which hurt. We find out in life unfortunately who sticks with us and who fails to meet the mark. Sad to know he let me down. I’m getting stringer beating my struggle from this prior week. I’ll make it because I’m to strong minded not too. :-). I hope he regrets his actions because I’m not going to be the one mending this or try to open that door back to his worthless friendship. I’m begining to move on and life is blessing me abundantly for it! Love to all <3>

19 days ago

Hello dear join me i tell you about true feeling of him and is he felt regret or not,i am here for wise advise

19 days ago

Hi dear,

I want to share something with you.Please message me or call me.Thank you

God bless you

19 days ago

Hi hun, I could help u emotionally and we could open that persons mind and figure out why they did that t you .. I’m free all day today give me a call when ur ready , I’m also .25cents per min :)

13 days ago

Hello, Let me give you full insight on this person and see what is ahead for you moving forward . I see this person needs a lot of help . But I see a lot through spirit and much more . Come in and let me heal your concerns . I have specials today . Blessings

13 days ago

The wolf that is fed is the wolf that thrives. this is an old indian proverb.

Don’t feed the angry or bitter wolf, since he will eventually get too hungry and will consume his owner, but instead..

release the things that did not serve you and be free of people who dont appreciate you.

feed the wolf that is your better protector, and keep your head high for better things <3>

12 days ago

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