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Should I give it a go?

9 months ago

Is A from my work interested in me? He asked me to hangout after work Friday and I got him on social media but he hasn’t sent me a message. I’m Rose 04/28/1998

9 months ago

go for it you have nothing to lose…but there is something I’m picking up on interfering so if you would like please contact me.

9 months ago

hello there.

iam a love and relationship expert I also look thru othere area’s such as [past] [present] [future] [career] [passed loved ones] and etc! come chat with me now I’m online

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hope to hear from you soon

xoxo Amanda

9 months ago

hi rose my spirit guides are showing me that you and this person will have a relationship together I do see some contact coming up. I’m also picking up that there is some interference between you and him. please contact me for a psychic love reading! hope to here from you soon, take care god bless.

9 months ago

Hi, My name is BARBARA & I am known for being an Empathy. I can Feel what you are going through. I am able to Feel the energy around you. I’ll always leave you feeling Uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you Don’t want to hear.

So, Lets have Chat and Unfold things for you in Private Reading Because this is a public place to discuss details related to your Private Life.

Kind Regards

9 months ago
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I will sincerely read and tell you if the connection between two persons is soul mate connection or its just a sexual passion or obsession/vacuum and tell you everything you need to know which will also involve your past,present and future.

9 months ago

Anyone else? Help

9 months ago

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