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What are reasons that make psychics aren't be able to connect with clients?

about 1 year ago

I have experienced that with couple psychics on this site. And some of them who’re very accurate for others turned out to be wrong with me too. I want to know what causes that?

about 1 year ago

There are many different factors that can lead to a connection in a reading. A good way to know if the psychic is connected with you is if they can offer information without being given any, and the characteristics of the person in question is accurate to the point you feel as if they know them.

Other factors can be your own personal ability to manifest.. you may be told something but your own doubt pushes against progress or results in your love life.

remember- We think, therefore we are.

You have to be sure the psychic is picking up on your energy right, because there can be situations where they pick up small details but not the whole picture.

in order to help make sure you have a good connection with a psychic, make sure you go in calm, with no preconceived ideas on how things will play out- get a drink of water, sit in a quiet space and make sure your heart is open in order to assure the best connections.

Don’t pick a psychic just because they have good reviews or are affordable, make sure you feel drawn to them.

It is just like any other connection with a friend or someone you may meet if you do not like them or there is something keeping you from saying ’ I could be friends with this person’-then its also likely you wont connect in chat as you want.

the better you feel about the person, the better the connection is likely to be.

love and light, blessings, xx jade