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10 months ago

My boyfriend and I plan on getting pregnant next month. Im so excited to make him a daddy for the 1st time. Im sure my kids will be happy to have a brother or sister, my family…...I dont think they will accept it. I really dont care. Im happy. Lil bit stressed but for the most part, im happy. Would be nice if others would be too

10 months ago

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Kind Regards*

10 months ago

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10 months ago

Hello, Let me help you ad see how everything will be for the future with him and baby . I read the spirit and see what is ahead this year for you and him and much more. Try my specials today . Come in for a session and chat . Blessings

10 months ago

Hello Friend,

Over 25 years experience! I have the gifts of intuition and insight. These gifts were NOT learned or taught. I purchased my first Tarot deck when I was a teenager and knew what most of the cards meant as soon as I unsealed the deck! So, this came naturally to me. I have been giving readings to friends and many of my new and returning clients for years. I am known for accuracy in my readings and time frames.

10 months ago
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Happy for you, yound lady!

10 months ago

Hi,I just asked my pendulum and the answer was yes,you will get pregnant soon!G.

10 months ago
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I am a 4th generation natural psychic. I have over 14 years EXP. I also have two locations where I conduct in person readings, so you see I am NOT just another “online psychic”. I am straightforward and I do not waste your time or mine! Come Chat/email me and in just a few mins you will be convinced of my TRUE abilities. I have helped many people from all over and now its your turn. Let me ease your worries away and guide you on your path of happiness. I have not had an unsatisfied customer in person yet! Chat today for the answers of tomorrow!