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TESTED FOR HIGH ACCURACY. Love. Career. Relationships. Growth. Genuine Psychic. Genuine Readings. Available Thurs-Sun.


My name is Nicole. I am a Spiritual Intuitive I see, hear, feel, & discern information from the spirit world.

I connect with divine source (creator) to answer questions concerning all aspects of life.

Sessions are available Thurs-Sun via chat or email. Email readings are $45 for 1-3 Ques & $90 for 4-6 Ques.

During sessions I do not tolerate disrespect or refund attempts. I report all abuse & buyer fraud to Bitwine CS & Paypal.


I specialize in focused sessions & do not offer general readings.

Please provide your name, specific question, & the names of those involved.

You will receive direct answers from spirit & the steps needed to create the life you desire.


-spiritual growth

-love & relationships

-career & finance

-self empowerment/healing

-developing your intuition

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


I am a professional Spiritual Intuitive & Psychic Development Instructor.

My abilities as a psychic, medium, and intuitive have been tested and verified by two prominent psychic organizations in the USA. One of which I am currently a member of.

I have also taken pilgrimages to Italy,The Balkans, New Orleans, & Africa that were instrumental in fine tuning my abilities & allowing me to read clearly for others.

I am currently in Europe and continue to travel for spiritual insight & personal growth.

I have been a guest reader, speaker, & psychic development instructor at metaphysical centers & on radio programs across the USA including:

-Luna Sol Esoterica

-WOW Wyse Orlando Witches

-Goddess Conference of Orlando

-Healing Center of Metairie

-Reader & Spiritual Adviser at historic Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA

-HEX New Orleans

-Candelo’s Corner on LMC Network

-Host of LIVE THE LIGHT on Blog Talk Radio



Always remember to live your light, love yourself, & be the miracle that you are seeking.


I am the host of LIVE THE LIGHT on BTR, a show about life, love, and living your bliss!

If you would like to know more about psychic development and self love

-Watch the Live the Light Video Monthly forecast here on Bitwine=)


"As always, stellar reading. Thank you Nicole and I look forward to our next discussion. Blessings!"


"OMG! Thank You so much Nicole, I now truly see what I am capable off and what I need to do with myself. Great information!!"


"Excellent reading!"


"This lady was able to really tune into both situations and gave me so much insight and clarity. Wow, amazing, highly recommended!"


"Excellent. Very informative and genuine."


"Quite remarkable it really was an inspiration to talk to this lady, I will never forget out conversation it was something really different. "


"Nicole is awesome in her abilities. Please call her! Very gifted!"

-Concetta Consulting

"She is the real deal people."

-Mystical Jenn

"Second reading with Nicole and so appreciate how clear, direct and informative her responses to my questions are. Gave me guidance about the status of some upcoming projects I am working on and how to work better with people connected with them.Very helpful. Felt reassured and inspired even though there may be some no’s or challenges. Says everything is going to turn out ok and trust this is right. Would call her again. Nicole is great. "



I do not offer free readings.

The first 3 minutes is for inquiries about pricing and for asking questions about my personal reading style. During that time we will both be able to decide if I can meet your needs. If so, we can begin the session.

Make sure you have made payment arrangements in advance through Paypal. If you cannot afford a reading do not request one.

I do not issue refunds for services rendered. Clients who attempt to receive a refund will be reported for abuse to Bitwine CS and will be reported to Paypal for buyer fraud. Be aware that a copy of all reading transcripts are sent to Paypal as proof that client authorized payments and that services were received on time and in full.

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