Visionary Empath- This skill helps me guide you in love and romance. Marriage, Dating, and relationships that may feel unrepairable. I can see what your special some one is feeling and thinking and help you obtain what you want most with love and romance. I can also see and help guide with careers, self employment success and what path is best for you!

Healing- Through steps I can help you feel spiritually more centered, mentally more clear and feel more healthy. Negative energies will fall away and you will be able to see all you have been needing to happen in your life start to manifest.

Tarot- I have written and illustrated my own deck, reading Tarot is a big passion of mine I have spent many years learning the meanings of the cards, and their more modern interpretations that will make it is easy for you to understand the messages the cards have for you. My tarot deck, along with my psychic abilities gives a very strong and accurate session!


Seventeen years working in the spiritual field. I run my own website, and worked on various other spiritual sites for many years.

I have written and illustrated a Tarot Deck.

Fairs, numerous spiritual and healing courses, seminars and experiences.

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Languages: English

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