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★Hello, my name is Kathleen! For as long as I can remember, I have felt compelled to help others. I became aware that I possessed a peculiar insight into other people’s minds, particularly in love and romance.

★Now, while I can offer relationship advice from experience, I have found that a much more helpful way to learn about what’s in store for your love life is to let the spirits and senses take over. Only then can true clarity be achieved – and with my help, you’ll be able to look further into your mind than you ever thought possible and start sorting out that "crazy little thing called love"! :)

When you consult me for love advice and other psychic services, you will receive:

★High quality, empathetic service performed specifically for your needs

★Quick response time and easy to understand readings

★Highly detailed responses

A word of caution, however: I do not sugar-coat my advice! The essence of spirituality is the truth, and that is what you will get!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

★I am currently pursuing a degree in Crystal Healing – a branch of spirituality that I have recently developed an interest in!

★I have also extensively researched and practiced dream analysis. If you had a dream that struck you as extraordinary, I can help you decipher its symbolism and connect it to your life!


★I have studied the arts of psychic healing and spirituality extensively ever since I was a child. Friends would turn to me for advice on their crushes, and I had no idea why they were drawn to me, but when I asked why, the response I got was "I feel like you see deeper than most people."

★Ever since I have made it my life’s mission to help as many people as I can reach deeper into their souls to assist with their problems. Heart and head can only get you so far; I have found that true knowledge and happiness resides within the soul. I hope to help you discover this!

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