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♥♥Honest answers & guidance. No false hope & No tools. Focus on all relationships, fears, dreams, anxieties, career, and psychic growth♥♥.


Please create a specific, clear, and direct question and open your mind, and heart to receive the answer (Use first names only for reference). Remember to please be specific (no general/ confusing questions) and do not play test games so you could get the most from your reading.


Dreams: (meaning, interpretation, understanding, growth, patterns, and messages):

Relationships: (family, friends, romantic, love life, roles, self, children, and communication)

Careers: (advancement, change, direction)

Fear: (beliefs, thoughts, past struggles, abuse, energy blockages)

Spiritual & Psychic growth: (expand your mind and your abilities): All support is based upon your questions, which will help you learn at your own pace.

Paranormal (see beyond into the unknown): Topics, which are influenced by the unknown, unidentified, unseen, unexplained, and or avoided in popular conversation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

BA Psychology, Energy Healer, Psychic Conscious Channeler (Practicing Professionally online, by phone, email, and in person for 10 years).


NO TIME FRAMES, NO FREE READINGS. NO GENERAL READINGS- Have clear questions ready. The first three minutes are used for introduction purposes (asking your questions etc), not as a free reading, or a free connection reading.

The reading will end automatically and the chat window will close once the per-charge fee has stopped unless additional minutes are purchased.


– The lottery – Lost items or people – Test results – Law – Prediction of children/birth – Spells


Questions should not be based on assumption or test games and instead should be clear and open so that information could flow freely to get the best quality reading.

Example: What does Pam think of me?

-What message do I need to know concerning (my ex, my boss, my friend, love interest) Pam thoughts and feelings for me?

Example: Why is Jewel mad at me? (assumption)

-What do I need to know concerning  (my friend, partner, ex-lover, etc) Jewel's feelings for me?

Example: Why is the world against me and everything I do is wrong?

-Why do I feel like everything is against me, why do I feel suffocated, and stuck in this cycle going nowhere, and how can I get out of it?

Example: Who is Rob to me?

-What is (my cousin, brother, friend, etc) Dave purpose in my life?

- ♥♥Free will is evident in any option that you choose. I can only guide you to the option/ path that will best suit you for your future and who you want to become so that you will no longer reflect on past mistakes and reoccurring struggles or cycles between relationships, jobs, friends, and life in general.


Please take your time and go over your reading more than once to absorb the information given. I cannot guarantee that all information that you are given will not subjectively change for the point of each reading is to help improve your life through awareness and transformation. *You must be at least 18 to receive a reading **By law, I am required to state that this purchased reading from me is for Entertainment Purposes only. I am not liable for your personal choices, thoughts, emotions, and individual pursuits/ outcomes.

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