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Psychic & Medium able to provide accurate information regarding a client’s questions through the communication with Spirit Guides and contact and communication with the crossed over. I do not use tools of any kind. With just a first name and a question I can provide you with the honest answers you need.

Free time to be used for info about me and how I read. I regret I can not do free readings. I prefer voice via phone readings please. Contact me by chat or leave me a message and I will send an invite for us to talk by phone for a more accurate reading. For chat I work with direct questions. I am accurate, honest and caring call me!


I was given my gifts in 1995 after a serious neck & throat surgery. I could hear voices, pictures and feel sensations which provided me information about those around me. This was followed by the ability to contact and communication with loved ones that have passed on. I have spent many years conducting in-person, and on-line readings with compassion, kindness, honesty and accuracy! I only deal in truth because I believe it truly sets you free.

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