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I am a Psychic Investigator and Profiler. I assist families and law enforcement in the search for missing people. I also own my own Investigative Agency that offers services for free to families of missing people (MP Investigations).

I also offer personal readings. I feel my gift is very rare and special and I would like to help as many people with my gift as I can. I also do a Blog Radio Show (where I answer Questions for free) and a Blog TV Show as well as numerous guest appearances on Cable Tv shows and heard by millions on various FM Radio Stations. I have had these abilities since I was a child and am very active in missing persons and cold cases. I am a Psychic Medium, a Clairvoyant, a Psychic Profiler, a Remote Viewer (which means I can see past, present and future with great detail to names, address’s and places). I want to help people put closure in their lives and end personal suffering and answer the questions that concern you the most. I can also help you with everyday questions in life.

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