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Psychic Reader in chat. Also Angel Cards readings through Bitwine for $10 for a 10 cards spread, please send 5 questions you would like answered, and a photo of yourself or your loved one if you have one.


When you contact me to explain your situation, I will provide good solid advice on any type of relationship problems, you name it … whether it be problems with your family members, spouse/partner, husband/wife. I am very open minded. I will answer you honestly and with ease. I have over 48 years experience in helping people like you, I have a very good listening ear and I have helped many clients with their problems by listening and giving good advice. I am empathic, perceptive, non-judgemental and compassionate.

I am here for you for as long as you need me. If you’re depressed, anxious, stressed or lack confidence or self esteem then you’ve taken the first important step towards healing by reading this profile.

I am also a spiritual healer who did 2 years training and have practiced since 1991. I also own and run an alternative international healers association. Healers worldwide can join for free!

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Hi, I am Anne and a well known psychic with over 49 years experience, I serve many spiritual churches on the platform, at my clients homes,at my home. Ever since I can remember people have always fascinated me. I never tire of the constant flow of friends asking for my help. I have always been a great listener and have a lot of patience and empathy for people. Will do Photo readings as well. Trained in many psychic development circles. Claivoyant, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance Counseling, Professional psychic intuitive, Relationships – Love, Marriage, Divorce, Re-uniting lovers, Spiritual Healer.

A qualified Spiritual Healer through "The British Alliance of Healers Associations" in the U.K with certificate,I was the President of a Spiritual Healing organisation in the UK for 4 years, and I own an international healing organisation for nearly 9 years, there are over 1,500 members in all of the countries world-wide.

Hands on Healing and Absent Healing,


I am a well known psychic with over 49 years experience, and would like share a little about me being a Psychic, and when I first showed my psychic abilities. 1.The first time I remember is when I was 10 years old when my mother had the first of my 3 younger sisters, she is now 50 years younger than me. I remember waking up one morning and saying to my mother I would like a baby sister. Then one day I had said to her she was pregnant, and she replied she isn’t sure, and I had said she is and she going to have a baby girl which she did. My parents called her Alanna. 2. The second time when I was 12 years old, the same thing happened 2 years later, and she did have another baby girl and named her Rosemary. 3. The third time another one when I was 14, came which I had predicted. My father, brother Tony and I stood by the phone one morning, guess what – it was another girl and they called her Lauren. 4. When I was 18 years old, I woke up one morning and had said to my mother while I lived on a small farm with my family – I am going to have a horse today. My mother said, how do you know? I replied I was it in a dream the night before, it was a dark bay mare. Sure enough I had her, and her name was Gina. 5. A little while later after I came to England to live with my family from Australia when I was 21, I had met my husband Frank. While we were going out together, there was one time he took me to meet his mother who had lived with him in his house. On the way up there, I had said to Frank something is going to go wrong with his car. We just got outside his village, and the back axle broke and fell to the ground, he looked at me and said I was a witch. 6. Another time while Frank and I was sitting in the lounge, I said to him I could smell burning bodies and a plane crash. The next morning there was a news flash to say a plane had crashed in Scotland, and everyone on it had died. There were many more instances where I fortold things would happen, and they did. I didn’t understand why I had seen these things, and my psychic capabilities, and never heard anything about anything psychic before. It wasn’t until I had started to sit in some development circles many years later I realised what was happening. I now really enjoy helping people with my psychic abilities. There were times when I felt some prediction coming when I was young, and refused because I thought I was going mad – it is a natural ocurance for me. I still have some predictions today.

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