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Hi Welcome to my profile. I’m a Spiritual Reader and Advisor with over 25 yrs exp. I specialize in Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Readings, Aura Readings & Cleansing, Negative Energy Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Career Forecast, Spells, but I do find myself enjoying helping others with matters of the heart. Love & Relationship Readings, Soul mate Connections, Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating & Affairs, and much more. I have been doing readings both on and off line for many yrs. My goal here is to provide you with insight that will lead you to your destiny in life, let me guide you to walk the right path in life and love. Do you feel LOST and CONFUSED? Not sure if you are HEADED on the right PATH? Wondering what TOMORROW will BRING? Or if the PERSON your with is really MEANT for you? Contact ME and I would love to answer these questions for you and many more that you might have. I do pick up on . Names and/or initials . Time lines . Descriptions . Outcomes . Actions . Gives Advice.

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I’m a natural born psychic with over 25 yrs exp. My abilities became apparent early in childhood. I developed my gift and started to use it to help others in every which way possible. Whether your need is insight, clarification, advice, spells, reuniting with your love, or removal of negativity, I can help. An accurate psychic reading can give you the answers you’re looking for… whether your concern is love, career, money, family, or your health.


Over 25 yrs experience,

NOTE TO ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS: Please be respectful of my time and energy. Don’t come into a chat session you don’t intend to pay for. If you have something you want to tell me but don’t want to pay for a session, please leave a message, or email to update before coming in for reading. I value my time and yours.

I offer 3 free mins at the beginning of a session. So please add enough funds to cover your questions. 3 mins is not enough time to do a reading. Please do not stall to make payment or ask for free readings as I said I give 3 free mins to get your name dob and the type of reading you are coming to me for. I will then take a minute to focus and tell you all that comes through.

Please note that a rushed reading is also not going to get you the answers you need. Lets cover one subject/one question at a time.

Please register your account it only takes a few mins and is free to set up.

All Paid readings are final, No refunds given, under any circumstances. As I’am an intuitive working with spirits we cannot guarantee any outcome due to free will of the client.

Look forward to reading for you! Thank you and have a Blessed day!

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