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Respectful, kind and considerate tarotist with a comprehensive knowledge of cards and human relationships. The cards show me the present in full since I can visualize each symbol, each hint, nuance or subtlety of a situation through the visual and expressive richness of each card. With me you will have an experience of care and knowledge, of insight and openness to your possibilities. I’m here already provided of my great vision and connection that I have developed through years of experience in personal counseling. My focus is you, together we find out what’s the best to do. I ‘m here provided with several decks, all consecrated, from the moment you call me a connection is already activated between you, me and the deck, from the first moment I’ll tell you what I see, you will be asking questions and simultaneously getting knowledge and insight for each response.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot Masters Diploma, London College Of Tarot And Psychic Studies, United Kingdom

BA in Humanities, Mj. In Classic Studies. University of Granada, Spain.

I have trained Tensegrity and Herbalism with shamans in Arizona.I craft and consecrate powerful talismans, tailored to your circumstances. I can also make spells and incantations, my knowledge, my books and my management in the field and in practice are ancient.

All my actions of magic and divination are always attentive to the good of our creator and our protective mother, who gives us life, wealth and happiness. With me you will learn the sacred mysteries that will help you become a fulfilled person and in harmony with your fellows and the surrounding environment, enabling you to exercise your power of realization. Love, money and health, love relationships, success and mastery at work, the most healthy and appropriate lifestyle for you.


I provide a refreshing approach to divination by means of a smart interpretation of symbolism intended for those who seek ease and grace in their lives. I create a platform that is sustained by my connection with you, where the cards are turned up as you elect them mentally while I guide you and show you what’s at stake. I provide a tool that is just the thing for romantics and optimists as an opportunity for divining the nature of human thoughts and feelings, with a humorous approach also, if you will, and direct to divination giving the readings a unique and enjoyable feel. I focus on common life to give you detailed true oracles providing full of meaning insights, rich in primordial symbolism, to any question you may pose, breathing new life into the proverbial imagery of the Tarot, by exploring questions of excitement, mastery, and the inner workings of the people around you. I fit the choice of purists and those seeking a direct guide to Western occultism. I can see, understand and manipulate the universal and unconscious aspects that affect your life, allowing a better orientation in your journey of self-knowledge and personal growth, with the potential not only divinatory, but also therapeutic. Once I throw the cards you will get the hints of interpretation related to your personal case. Take it as a further clarification! When we proceed to throw the cards, we do so under a genuine disposition, avoiding negative or malicious questions. Concentrate and ask your question! Let’s see your present, your frame of mind, let’s describe the nature of the vibrations that surround the topic in question, getting the answer to the question you’ve raised. Select the item you want to raise. Let’s explore together the joy of your life, let’s also accept the anger and see where it comes from, being able to develop spiritually, improving your life through knowledge and right actions, focusing on yourself, on your well-being and correspondence with the environment and the people. I can also do pet readings, so you can know of the message that your pet brings for you, about its feels, needs and desires, so you can know how to help your pet.

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Languages: English; Spanish

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