Compassionate and sincere Tarot readings, a reader with 10 years of experience! Let the cards shine a light on your path!


I am a Tarot reader with ten years of experience. I first began reading the cards when I was 16, and I have since grown as a reader, learning to trust in intuition and the cards. There is no coincidence. The cards I draw for you are not random, they want to speak to you, warn you, guide you. Together, we can search for an answer and see into the matters that are plaguing your mind. If you are troubled in matters of money, love, career, problems both simple and complex, I am here to help you. The answers may not be what you want or expect, I tell you what the cards communicate to me clearly, honestly, and with compassion.

I can provide you with a simple one card answer or a three card spread with a deck I have worked with for many years. Come talk to me! I would love to hear from you.


I have ten years’ experience as a Tarot reader. I have had several interesting encounters with reading my cards and each time, I learn more and grow as a reader. I cannot say that I am 100% accurate, no psychic ever is, but I can confidently say that I am very accurate in the readings that I do.

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