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Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I do intuitive tarot readings which means that I pull card spreads and get my answers from the card meanings as well as my own clairvoyance about a situation.

I can tell you what a person in your life feels, thinks, their viewpoints and intentions. I’m a remote viewer and an excellent, psychic, private eye. I’m accurate, discreet and don’t judge.

The more specific in your question the more more specific your answer will be. Do NOT ask any question unless you are prepared to hear the answer good or bad. I’m here to help and empower you. I will tell you the truth, in the most compassionate way possible.

I have over 30 years experience studying the tarot and paranormal. The tarot is a tool. I teach my clients to understand that not everything predicted is written in stone and there are usually ways to change your future if you don’t like where you are headed.

If you think I’m the advisor for you contact me for a insightful reading.


Over 30 Years Experience with the Tarot

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