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    My name is Amanda. I am be very blunt as well as very professional. I don’t fib or tell you exactly what you want to hear i will tell you as I see and as I am told. Please feel free to watch my posted video you will find the link right by my image . I offer Mediumship for $6.00 a minute as it take way more energy. I am a Energy reader I also no what others feel and think. I am intuitive as well.I am easy to talk to also.

sale this month 7-30 Minute readings to use in a 30 day time frame Price is normally 630.00 off site. Onsite i am on sale until the end of this month. the price for this deal here on site with a 10% gratitude fee is 220.00 dollars till the end of this month. No refunds on any service

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have taken multiple classes in learning how to deal with abused women. sexually, mentally, spiritually and physically. i also have a teaching in human behavior so i can understand what others r doing and why


I have been reading cards since i was 6 years old. I have had my abilities since i was born. i have over 300 clients online and at home. I have helped so many people and i want to help you. I don’t sugar coat so many get their feels hurt when we speak but i take pride in being honest. please understand that as a reader heari don’t get the full amount u pay us here. meaning paypal takes a percent then the company takes 40 percent of what we charge with a 10 deal i normally only make around 4.50 bucks this is very low so understand the pricing ty

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Languages: English

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watch my video

$0.89 per minute (after your approval)

4 spirit message cards (not tarot for $20)

My $10 deal:

5 card pull no extra Questions or 5 yes or no's