Love, Sex and Relationship Specialist *New Advisor first 3 minutes free ONLY.. You may ask any question Bout how i work in that three minutes for free*


I can do tarot and oracle cards. I have spirit message cards as well. I am very much sensitive to others feelings and emotions. This means i can tell you what people are feeling and what is on their minds. I see past present and futures. I also do divination and use a pendulum.I use my spirit guides to help show me what is desired to be known I don’t need tools but have them on hand in case. I give great detail. I am fast and been told accurate. I also perform energy cleansing it is a high cost but last 45 minutes and comes with only 5 cards after the cleansing. i also give you tools to use after the cleansing. it can take up to 2 weeks to see full effect however you will feel a little difference right away. please inquire with me on more info and price

Please understand i see things as i see them. If what i say dont happen that means free will has taken place. i am not held liable for anything that may change ONLY ONE REFUND NO MORE THEN 5 DOLLARS.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have taken multiple classes in learning how to deal with abused women. sexually, mentally, spiritually and physically.


I have been reading cards since i was 6 years old. I have had my abilities since i was born. i have over 300 clients online and at home.

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