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Tarot/Oracle/Faerie Guidance, Past Life Work, Spirit Guide work, and Spiritual Advancement Services



I specialize in spiritual services, such as coaching, mentoring, and helping people connect to their higher purpose by empowering them to step into who they are meant to be.

I read tarot, oracle, and faerie cards, can help with past life work, do dream interpretation, and can help you find your spirit guides/animals.

As with all things, the more I know, the better I can assist your specific situation. General questions provide general answers, so please be prepared to share details about your situation/circumstances. In the case of Past Life work, I will need to know as much as you can provide to me in order to focus the scope to a particular period and/or place.

Dream Interpretations are a joint effort, as our personal associations with symbols highly affects the meaning.

I do not play "test the reader", and I do not provide free samples of my services. Refunding available only for services less than 5 minutes in length.


I’ve been actively pursuing work with the spirit realm and the Otherworld since 2008, I’ve been reading Tarot cards since 2009, I’ve been working with Oracle cards since 2010, and all the while, I’ve researched and gathered information on world cultures, symbolism, mythology, and various types of occult lore.

Since 2011, I’ve taught multiple workshops on Faerie connection, Tarot, and how to use divinatory practices for self-empowerment. As a practicing witch, I am able to show you the basics of manipulating thought and energy in your life to better manifest the changes you’re searching for, and how to incorporate the natural world with your inner world to create peace and balance.

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Languages: English, French

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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