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I specialize in problems and issues of the heart, relationships, family matters, Twin flames, soulmates, Karmic relationships, career and money.I am 4th generation natural born psychic, empath and healer, my gift comes from my maternal side.I was raised in a spiritual way in the mountains of South America. I like to help people to find their spiritual purposes where their body and soul function in harmony. My angels and guides have been with me since childhood guiding me to know my gift in order to help others. I have done more than 4.000 readings on person and online. Very accurate and honest. Integrity is the most important aspect of my life, I do not give false hopes or false expectations. The truth shall prevail on all matters and sometimes it can be hurtful. Please let me know if you would like a deal in pre-paid minutes or to be charge by minute. Please come to my chat room with a open mind and expecting you will not hear want you want to hear, you will hear the truth. The truth will set you free.

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I have the answers !!!


Bonchikiwawa 27 November, 2017

Hipa did a great reading, and just said it as she saw it without her having an opinion to influence my decision. So I appreciate that. I will make the choice that’s best for me, thanks Hipa x

Angelou 9 November, 2017

Thank you csolace 8 November, 2017

Super Angelou 8 November, 2017

Very honest and in-depth. Thank you. Sasha.C 6 November, 2017

Very good!! Amoore1985 5 November, 2017

Very nice reading and follow up thank you bunnyqueen 4 November, 2017

good connection spiritual 4 November, 2017

Thank you, Hipa. You are so very sweet. ❤️❤️ Staceface 3 November, 2017

Thank you Theresadawn 2 November, 2017

amazing :) ErinMac 1 November, 2017

Very good reading thanks

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