Highpriestess Scylla Circe

Highpriestess Scylla Circe


I am a Dutch Highpriestess and am initiated in the highest degree of a Sicilian order: the Illuminati Maris Aeternae. I have developed my own tarotdeck of 366 cards and have written a book about it. To all my cards are connected a rune, a sacred tree and an poweranimal and a Celtic Archetype. I give teachings in ritual magic as well as the Tarot. I got a Dutch diploma in hypnotherapy.There are foundations like the CCHR but that is of Scientology(bad name) and I am an Illuminati. There’s ONE MORE THING: If you refuse to pay after the 3 free minits I BLOCK YOU!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Diploma Hypnotherapy 2 Certificates Tarot of wich 1 cum laude Guardnerian Witchcraft – Silver Circle Rotterdam Alexandrian Witchcraft in Greencraft Tradition Amsterdam – 1st degree Correllian Traditiom – Witchschool Europe 1st degree Occult Logos "Leer en Rituaal der Hogere Magie" – Caros Loge Amsterdam (Stichting Caros) Degree of Magician Illuminati Maris Aeternam Sicilia Highest Degree Creator of a 366 card counting Tarotdeck "Het Boek van de Eeuwige Zee", author of the belonging book "Eeuwige Zee"(Dutch).I work with Tarot, Kaballah, Poweranimals, Sacred Woods, Celtic, Roman and Greek Archetypes, Magic Squares, Sigilmagic, Qlipoth, Demonology, Goetia, Incenses, Herbs, Perfumes, teach in the colors of candles and energies, chakrahealing, magnetism, magic waters like the legendary championswater of the Hofpleinfountain in Rotterdam that is of drinking quality. Ritual salt and sugar preparation, minerals etc.


I am working with the occult and magick since I was 18. I am now 47 so that is allmost 30 years of experience. I worked a lot on psychic fairs and freceived clients at home. I have given education to several Illuminati. I am free to educate anyone I desire, but I can not put them into contact with my Sicilian teachers because they are often still maffia members and worship Laverne. I cod only study there because I got Italian family and they cod contact me with the order after I had proven the educations that can be followed in the Netherlands in the occult and in magick and also in witchcraft are worthless, even dangerous.

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Languages: English, Nederlands, Deutsch

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Local Time: (GMT+01:00) August 17, 2017, 05:21PM

Location: Rotterdam  (Find on Google Maps)

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