Drew Darrell

I see the Quantum side of Love, Relationships, Career, Purpose, Happiness! Empath Readings.... Psychic/Medium/Channeling/Healing gifts at your Service <3


Refunds only in Extreme circumstances.

I read with pure love. I am a heavily empathic psychic medium, as well as an intuitive spiritual/relationship/career/life coach. I connect empathically, picking up the emotions of you and who you ask about, and with the help of spirit (my guides, your guides, spirit relatives) I connect to information in the past-present-future for the purpose of leading you to your highest enlightenment and empowerment.

*Predictions: As I understand and experience it, the future exists in MANY parallel timelines that are constantly ‘chosen toward’, by all concerned from the Now. I can look at which outcomes and timelines seem to have the most energy, and they still could not come to pass. Specific timelines coming to pass is even more likely to change. I simply give what I am shown by my abilities and spirit. The true purpose of these predictions is to empower you into excited creative energy NOW.

I am even more excited to advise on Enlightenment and Law of Attraction.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My qualifications are the opening and continued devotion to, practicing of my psychic awareness on all levels. I have been an empath all my life, meaning I feel what others feel in their own minds and bodies… from the basis of this basic psychic gift that we all have to some degree, I have learned to hone in and perceive many kinds of specific information about peoples’ lives. I discovered my mediumship abilities as well and have been studying and practicing them; communicating with passed loved ones, guides, the general field of spirit communication.

I have also practiced honing my natural impulses toward premonition and looking at probable future outcomes. While I am happy to tell a future I see, I am foremost an advisor, here to empower YOU to choose and take actions towards your highest potentials!


I am an empath, psychic medium, coach, and healer. For as long as I can remember I’ve been feeling the feelings of others and offering life altering perspective! I have spent most of my life, both casually and professionally in the last five years, being put in a position to listen to my beloved fellow beings’ confusions and conundrums, and unconsciously and now consciously becoming the vehicle for their slice of spirit to flood through for them, offering the seemingly hidden perspectives.

I will look into relationships, love life career trajectories, partners, anything that I can, I LOVE using my gifts! I love using my gifts to serve others!

I will be as honest as it gets because among other things, my guides and yours will only hang around for the reading if I am serving your HIGHEST good… so ‘sugar coating’ doesnt do anyone any good.

I am full to the brim and boiling over with love, and I can deliver in the most gentle way… I’m a genuine spirit communicator, channeler, and translator of higher dimensional energies into the most loving messages I can use, always looking to improve and super passionate about my spiritual services as an ambassador to you from spirit in its infinite forms. There is truly no difference, spirit is here, spirit is now, and spirit is US, complete… spirit is the other 90 percent of us as they say, sitting in and as our true ‘home’, relishing in the human journey we are undertaking and absolutely clamoring to offer us the unconditional love and guidance that we are so fervently seeking to align to the next level of this thrilling and intense experience. Our true nature IS spirit, more pervasive powerful and eternal than we’ve ever imagined! I can’t wait to read for you!

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