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Hi, Im Rachel a skilled psychic who specializes in Love & Astrology.

I have over 15 years of professional experience, helping and guiding others through out life.

Specializes in Love & Realtionships of all matters.

I Answer all questions such as :
How does he/she feel about me? Does my ex want to reconnect with me?
Will this realtionship last?
What does his/hers true intentions?
Do I even cross his/hers mind?
No sugar coating, story telling, or fairy tails are told here.
The truth will be spoken, if you cannot handle the truth do not contact me If you are looking for truthful and accurate insight look no further.
Allow me to read into your love life today.

Please take a moment to look at my readings below

I am a very blunt and direct reader!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10$ special for ONE QUESTION.


This reading consist of, timelines and dates, predictions and visions. Its the best BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

MARRIAGE FORECAST, description of whom you marry and when, 50$


Yearly forecast relationship readings


These special readings will allow us to embark on a spiritual journey to look into the distant future of any relationship. It allows us to pick up on thoughts, feelings, events  of any relationship , It gives us a deeper look into  how things will  unfold over the years.

1 year forecast – 30$

3 year forecast – 40$

5 year forecast – 50$

10 year forecast – 60$


Please allow every timeframe and prediction to pass with time before leaving a negative review.

As a Psychic I take out a lot of my time to help others, please be kind and patient with me. Rude callers will be blocked and reported.

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