Love Specialist Rachel

Love Specialist Rachel


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Hi, Im Rachelle a skilled psychic who specializes in Love & Astrology.

I Answer all questions such as :

How does he/she feel about me?

Does my ex want to reconnect with me?

Will this relationship last?

What does his/hers true intentions?

Do I even cross his/hers mind?

No sugar coating, story telling, or fairy tails are told here.

The truth will be spoken, if you cannot handle the truth do not contact me If you are looking for truthful and accurate insight look no further.

Allow me to read into your love life today.

Please Take A look at my readings below

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Get My Help Today if You Answered "Yes" to Any of These Questions!

  • Do you feel like your partner is drifting away?
  • Is your partner afraid of commitment?
  • Does your relationship feel empty and unfulfilling?
  • Are you constantly worrying that your lover does not feel the same about you?
  • Experiencing major space between communication?
  • Always feeling like there just might be a "Third Party" (another male/female) involved?
  • Wondering if your lover is being faithful towards you?
  • Caught up in a Love Affair (you or your partner is married/in another relationship), but don’t know what to do?
  • Do you want to be reunited with your ex-lover?
  • Is your ex-lover with someone else, but you want them back?
  • Are you going through a bad break-up or divorce and need guidance?
  • Is your partner abusive towards you mentally, physically and/or emotionally?
  • Do you need relationship advice?
  • Are you disappointed with your love life?

I am a Psychic Love Healing Expert with over 15 years of specializing in Love Restoration! Marriage Repair, Reuniting Lovers, and Relationship Renewal using natural healing methods and energetic channeling.

Why My Love Healing Services Are Unlike Others Out There I have mastered the art of metaphysical and new age Shaman Energy Healing & Spiritual Energy Balancing. I can proudly say that my spiritual healing techniques are unique, and you will notice this when using my service. The love healing programs that I offer are for people who are very serious about fixing their love problems and relationship issues with using these type of holistic remedies. ​

I am an Authentic Love Healing Expert, and I will provide you with effective results that are karmically correct and balanced. I will help in all love problems, such as: separation, divorce, third party influences, family interferences, domestic abuse (physical/emotional), negative changes in partner’s behavior, long distance relationships, affairs, cheating & mistresses, bad communication, arguing & disputes, trust and intimacy issues, fears of commitment or marriage, co-dependency, jealousy and many other types of relationship concerns. ​ Spiritual Healing Can Help to Rebuild Relationships & Save Marriages My spiritual counseling and energetic channeling may help to reconnect the bonds, communication, trust and intimacy between couples. This process uses the natural love energy that is shared between two people. It can help to reunite lost lovers, prevent divorce or separation, and restore broken relationships through energetic healing and karmic balancing. I will help to remove the barriers, blockages and issues involved in your relationships. I can coach and guide you to better communicate with your partner to have clearer understanding and get what you want. Want a better sex life? Need commitment? Desire true intimacy with your lover? All these things can be attained with spiritual love healing, guidance and support!

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