Psychic Genevieve1818 Answers Now! I know in Seconds. Born a Claircognizant Empath and Engery Intuit I help to Profile those in question using my Gift to help you achieve Clarity.


No Free Readings. Select min rate or package.

My abilities are of remote visualizations, clairaudience , clairvoyance visual happenings, immediate clairsentient feelings and emotional responses, claircognizance happenings, which builds a profile for me to allow accurate, clear efficiant advice to flow through to you.

My specialty is reading the hearts and essences of an individuals emotional scale and this is why my forte is focused on Twin Flame , Soulmates, and Lovers. I can tell you anything you desire about the individual in question from pulling off their emotions and reading the type of connection they share with you.

My goal is to address you concerns and questions in a compassionate, caring manner while providing you with clarity and truth into your situation from my insight.I have a wide range of what I am able to pick up on. I am especially good at reading peoples thoughts, feelings, and intentions. I am good at forecasting outcomes with relationships, family affairs, careers.


Your Profile advocate to read, profile, and explain to you – how to manage the individual in question to get the fast results you want! I have helped hundreds achieve this and am excellent at profiling and setting up a plan around what I profile and see in the moment. The reading goes beyond what i see for you i can access and help you understand how to manage what i see for proven results. That is why my client base achieves the results they want. And that is why my feedback is astonishing.

I have been utilizing my abilities since I was able to get a firm handle on how to manage them from a young pre- teen age. I found the older I matured the wiser I got in how to handle this. At times it is overwhelming but I know if I can bring about good and help others with it then that’s all that matters. I have mentored and consulted with people of all walks of life for over 35 plus years now. I look forward to establishing good relationships with my customers and always put 100 percent into my interactions. All readings are very personal too me and are on a case to case basis. I look forward to working with you and am excited to be apart of this wonderful community.


I chat Only with those who confirm a package or my per minute rate right away after introductions.

My rates reflect my ability and the energy I utilize to connect you to my psyche which are not inexpensive.

I do NOT do readings for free and please do NOT waste my time when you see me online. Serious readings, only!

When you chat with me please expect to pay for a reading if you initiate a reading with me otherwise please use another adviser. <hr />
When chat starts the introduction consists of greeting each other, names, dob, and the question you have for me. I then will initiate the minute rate for our reading to start together.
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