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*PSYCHIC LILY-ANNA* Spiritual Consultant & Life Coach


I am a gifted Psychic, Clairvoyant and Empath, with over 20 yrs experience. I can help to guide you through many of life’s challenges and tell you what lies ahead. Combining many different types of readings Tarot, Angel, Psychic and Spiritual to give you the best answers in order to give clarity on life’s most serious matters. Looking at current, past, future events, along with the conscious and sub-conscious mind adding in dream interpretation, to help over-come obstacles that are standing in your way and prevent reoccurring mistakes and problems for happening. I will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and make sure you get there and don’t get swayed by stumbling blocks that try to get in your way, and open the doors of happiness and success. Life doesn’t have to be hard, and there are many ways to help it along the way.

Let my intuitive nature, help change and mold your future.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have enhanced my natural gifts to expand my knowledge into Astrology and Numerology I have studied and different religions, in Eastern and Western Cultures to give my clients the ultimate success to achieve their hearts desires. With my vast knowledge of Spirituality, and excessive studies on the Law of Attraction I have guided many people to achieve success and happiness in : Love, Relationships & Family, Career & Business, Health, Finances & Investments

How to balance your 4 personal states of being: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual

I am an expert on meditation, having studied, chakras, physical and spiritual energies and well and treatment using natural remedies (spiritual guidance); stones and herbs.


I know that I can help you, I have proven this with my 20 years experience in the field, running my own personal business, and seeing the joy and love that my clients now possess in there lives.

I am a professional skilled palm reader and tarot specialist, I have mastered tarot readings coming up with my own spreads and techniques. I tell you the truth, whether you are ready for it or not, but with my guidance you will find the answers you are looking for to help you find love, save your relationship , gain trust, build a strong relationship, start a new career or enhance you current situations. I am a kind hearted compassionate soul that only wants to help people have joy and happiness in there lives, I don’t turn people away, so if you are willing and have faith, I can help you.

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