Angel Mystress

Angel Mystress


I am a natural-born psychic, and am known for being ethical above all else. I take my job just as seriously as a counselor/therapist would take their clients needs. If I do not feel we are a good fit or do not connect, I will decide that and end the chat before I charge you. If we do not connect, or if I feel something in the connection that makes me feel uncomfortable to read, know that this is for the good of both of us- as both reader and the client.

I do not do free readings, and refunds are only given on a case-by-case basis. You must communicate the reason to me.

Aside from doing readings and helping others get on their desired path, my second passion is teaching. I love to teach others about this path and you will often in the future be seeing me host educational "contests" in the forums coming pretty soon.

Psychic readings are to be intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or magician ; )


I have worked 8 years as a professional seer, both through volunteer work and paid work. I treat my job just as any other professional in the human services would treat theirs- with continuing education, workshops, etc. I am known for my highly ethical standards. I possess clairsentience/empathy, clairaudience, but my biggest forte is clairvoyance.

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