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Spell Caster, Love & Relationship Expert, Chakra Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Consultant, Psychic Reader & Advisor


With over 15 years of experience I’m here to help you help your self. I have helped many of people across the globe including friends and family, I am very passionate with helping other’s find there true path and destination in life. I work through many different ways, I offer readings using tools such as Crystals, Tarot Cards, Candles, Spells, ect. I Specialize through Past, Present, And future, Love Business, Marriage, Health and all personal problems i can guarantee that one reading with me will direct you on a more positive path. Stop searching for unanswered questions and get true answers today

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Each reading with me is unique and very to the point i can help through any situation that is weighing you down whether its through family and friends, career,relationship,divorce,addiction, depression ect. I take pride in what i do and i feel my clients only deserve the best and the most honest answers available.


’’NOTE’’ I do NOT do FREE readings please keep in mind our first 3 mins are free if we do not connect in the 1st 3 mins please DO NOT WASTE MY TIME OR YOUR TIME…

I offer different services please be sure to know what you want before we start our reading and i will be more then happ to help guide you in the right direction and answer all of your questions.

Psychic Reading $55 connects through past,present,and future. Specializes in love and relationships.

Tarot Card Reading $35

Full Life Reading $95 (Unlimited Time) Answers all questions NO SUGAR COATED ANSWERS also connects through inner and outer energy connects to friends family and loved ones as well as Love, Career, Buisness, Children, Ect.

Spiritual Cleansing $195 Cleanses any negative energy that you are holding on to from your past or that you are dealing with daily.

Chakra Balancing $250 Balances all 7 chakras and keeps them inline (working with chakra candles and crystals)

Spells ~ All Spells range from different prices depending on what you are looking for, Each spell can be customized (All Spells Are Done Through Light) I do NOT work through darkness so please do not ask me to put a curse on someone.

Hello my name is Alice i am a 7th generation psychic reader and adviser. I have been aware of my gift at a very early age it was definitely something that astonished me, I always knew that a lot of the women in my family were blessed with the gift but didn’t know that i had it as well until the age of 5. The very first time i was able to connect to the spiritual world was through a vision i saw about a family member that was in danger i tried to tell people what i experienced but they didn’t believe me until it actually happened. That was the beginning of my gift i have helped many people around the world via phone and also in person i am a licensed psychic reader and adviser i help those who are in need of true guidance, I do not hesitate when it comes to helping others this is my passion and always will be. I am NON JUDGMENTAL and i am very straight forward i believe that there is a purpose for everything on this universe we are all connected in some strange way!. So if you a truly looking for not just a psychic but a friend to help get you through your most difficult times then contact me today for accurate answers and guidance you will never regret or forget! i’m truly looking forward to hearing from you. Many blessings. X Alice.

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