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Lana rose - Come and recieve a powerful love reading from me the most newest and superior psychic on bitwine! one call with me and all your qestions will be answerd! - please note i do not answer qestions for free.


I am a born gifted oracle I cover every aspect no matter what your situation may be the only information I need from my clients is their first and last name followed by their date of birth also the same information if they are inquiring about someone romantically or just a general person you may be asking about that is the only information I need and I can instantaneously tap into any force of energy my readings are honest and true I am noun judge mental but I do not sugar coat I will be honest and tell you what I see

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

i have my degrees and qulifacations in every type of reading but i do not give ny medical readings or answer questions to do with someones health! i have over 20 years of experiance and have multiple locations across the united states!


i am born gifted i am not like other so called spiritualist that claim to have the gift of for seeing the future past and present but have developed it over a hand full of years ago because of being born gifted i have had experience with my gift since i was born and have been helping others and proclaiming peoples future since as long as i can remember and i can remember from as far back as being four years old which was 26 years ago from being four when i was 18 i got all my certifications,qualifications,and full license certifying that i am a true psychic and since that time of my life i have been able to have several different locations across the united states all of which are near my families homes to direct read advise and help people get on the right path of their full potential of happiness and success i have over 30 years of experience and with that 30 years of experience i have helped many people with their obstacles in their life’s or loved ones and have decided to share my gift internationally threw the internet

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