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❤️★☾Compassionate,generous and non-judgmental.I dont not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. LOVE HEALER. I can reunite lost love. Immediate results! Fast connection.Honest.To the point.Real advice for real problems.❤️★☾❤️★☾


I can and will tell you what he/she is feeling and thinking about you right at this moment. Where will your relationship go? Is this person the one you are meant to be with?

I would consider LOVE to be my area of expertise, but I do also specialize in palm, tarot cards, angel cards, crystal energy readings, psychic readings,couples lovers readings,hand writing analysis, past life regression,chakra and aura cleansings, soul destiny readings and many more. Soul mate and twin flame readings are always fun too! I give advice on love, marriage, business, career paths,family and friends, spirituality and much more. I can tell past, present and future.I can answer any question you may have.I have helped thousands of people throughout the years with all types of problems. I try to develop real friendships and relationships with my clients, making them feel more comfortable and at ease. At the same time remain professional by giving them the best advice according to the situation at hand.

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❤️★☾Owning and operating my 2 psychic boutiques keeps me quite busy but throughout the summer I often partake in all sorts of festivals, psychic fairs and a bunch of fun events large and small. I love to share my gift by helping people in need of guidance and shining light into their dark situations.❤️★☾

I have been an expert on Kasamba/LivePerson for over 10 years. Most of my readings are done over the phone as more individuals on that website prefer the phone method.

I am so excited to be apart of the bit wine family and to connect with so many new people.

You will not be disappointed with your reading. Stop worrying and wondering about what tomorrow may bring. Let me help you help yourself.

Note Honest feedback is greatly appreciated.


I am a 5th-generation naturally God gifted psychic. I was born with the gift as it was passed down through my ancestors. I became aware of my abilities around the age of eight, I started to feel, hear and see peoples thoughts and emotions. Rather than being afraid of what I was sensing and picking up on, I embraced this blessing. Leading up to the year of my 18th birthday I did countless hours of studying, meditation, perfecting my craft and truly understanding the information and energy my spirit guide was preciving. I now have been doing professional readings for the past 10 years. I have helped many people with all the problems of life be it big or small. I also own and operate two psychic shops in the Seattle area. I have a lot of experience in doing readings in person, over the phone and online as well.

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03 Apr 2016 satisfactory ranking ke10

31/03/16,reading with amanda was very good,she is very sweet,lady gave me some extra time too,she predict a contact 4rm my man in 2nd week of this month(april)then lovely happy lovely relation with my man after,i,ll update here as contact will happen 4rm my guy.UPDATES.14/04/16.Predictions still not manifest,even no sign,but the sad thing is she is now ignoring my msgs,i tried to contact her alot about new updates(ofcourse not free)but 0 repsonse,im hoping to get in touch with her soon for further updates.thanx amanda.

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18 Mar 2016 satisfactory ranking Pretty wings  (unregistered)

Confusing, but was nice enough to try and explain but I just don't follow the "you choose" readings, I am here to see a prediction of what WILL happen, not "IF". Sad I'm still sad after my reading She was nice though just not clear

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