Richard is a psychic Rune card reader and will bring you guidance and advice in any area of your life that you’re seeking answers to.His warmth and accuracy will have you coming back to him for further guidance. Richard works closely with his spirit guide and the Rune cards, he also picks up on energies and tunes into you and your current situation quickly. Honesty is of the utmost importance to him, and he will only give you what he see’s and not just what you are hoping to hear. He covers most aspects in life such as love, finances, relationships, career and stability. He believes he was chosen to take this path for a reason and to help others in making the right decisions in their life. Richard has a strong connection to the paranormal world and loves nothing better than to take part in paranormal investigations, vigils and house cleansing. His other areas include meditation, chakras, healing, self awareness, pendulum scrying and works closely with his native American spirit guide.


Richard has a very strong aura around him which is healing and peace and has always known that there was a strong connection and pull towards the spirit world and medium-ship, and it wasn’t until later on that he took this path due to a life-changing experience.

He is not a doctor so any questions relating to your health will not be answered. You will need to seek advice from a qualified practitioner.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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