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♥ Hello and Welcome! ♥

As a reader I pride myself on doing the best I can to provide you with honest, accurate, and detailed insight and rely on the following gifts to do so :)

♥ Spirit Communication- aka mediumship, this allows me to work with your spirit guides and provide detailed messages

♥ clairvoyance – (known as the ability to "see" things) I use this ability to help receive visions from spirit and also to read your aura (or the aura’s of other parties). Through aura seeing this allows me to see intention and feelings as to help you better grasp a situation or understand someones true motives.

♥ claircognizant – (known as the ability to "know" things) I use this gift in tangent with all readings, especially Tarot, as it helps provide me with guided detail and knowledge.

♥ Tarot – I use tarot in tangent with my intuition to help provide clear and vivid detail

♥ Dream Interpreter

♥ Meditation instructor (astral coach)

If you have any questions always feel free to ask!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

♥ Gifted clairvoyant, claircognizant, and medium ♥ Natural born aura seer ♥ Have been teaching meditation for over 6 years ♥ Teacher and avid practitioner of Tarot ♥ Dream Interpreter ♥ Tibetan Mo Reader (Tibetan Mo is a form of divination in which a reader, such as I, recites a quick mantra and throws a die as to reflect a message from a Buddhist deity, Boddhisattva Manjushri)


♥ For all new members I will offer a free connection to you or a person of your choosing (a person tied to your original question). If interested in getting a free connection kindly let me know so that way I can proceed with a connection in chat.

♥ What is a connection? ♥

A connection is where I will connect (by using the first name only) and see what kind of aura the person has and will relay the colors and information I get back to you. After I send my results I will ask for your brutal honesty, in if you feel that I am accurate as this will let me know if I am the reader for you or not.

♥ Disclaimer ♥

This is not in anyway a free reading, it is simply a connection into which I will connect with a persons aura and take a peek at some info to show if I am connected. This connection deal I offer is only for new clients! I also hold the right to not provide a connection at my own discretion (aka if I feel that you are someone rude or only there for a free connection)

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