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I’m a psychic from Hawaii that’s very well experienced in metaphysics and psychic studies. I have helped thousands all over the world and I can help you too! I was born with a special gift and I come from generations of psychic & spiritual healers. I have been working at mastering my skills since I was young and I have become a true portal into the spiritual realm. I am excited to share my gifts with others and help them attain their happiness and inner peace.


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All calls are kept confidential.

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have no degrees. I am a naturally gifted medium. I have an active third eye and several years of experience.


My session is honest, detailed and fast paced. Love problems are my specialty no matter If you’re still together or separated. I can assist with your reunited love, restoring marriages stop break-ups/unwanted divorce, Increasing love-passion/trust-commitment, cheating, connecting, soul mates, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, removes Interference, removes blockage, energy cleansing, karma cleansing, stops addiction, spiritual & Intuitive growth, etc. I have been giving many honest psychic readings and predictions for years. I specialize in relationship, giving answers in love relationships, finance, and health. I will astonish your relationship reading and tell you his/her true feelings and how to restore love, happiness, & commitment back into your relationship.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear, I won’t sugar coat any false lies. Seek and you will find. I will give you nothing but the truth, It’s your decision to accept. I will NOT give you any false lies, so please be ready to accept what I see, and what I give to you. I also will not just accept any case that Is not with In my ability to help. I will not take on a case unless I think I assist you. I can guide and assist you In all matters of life such as love, relationships, marriage, family, friends, careers and even pets. My Calling is to help as many people as I can with my expertise; with my ability.


Please wait a little while when calling me to get in my chat room. Sometimes It takes a while to connect but I am here If status "Available".

☛ There’s a false review about me from a false and envious psychic here on BitWine, appearing to be an anonymous client who was "unregistered". This took place during my $1.25 sale. I will quickly do a full energy connection with unregistered users to be sure you are a true client that is seeking for clarity and my ability. I am usually skeptical about the unregistered guests. ☚

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