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Happy Hour $1.99/min 15 minutes $30 FAST<> *ACCURATE <>POWERFUL Sylvia the Clairvoyant is a compassionate spiritual adviser who will help you on your life path. She offers psychic readings about love, life, career, and can even help you reach out to loved ones who have crossed over. Blessings.

-Psychic LOVE Readings




-Reiki Healing

-Aura Reading

-Chakra Balancing

-Spirit Guide Identification

-Angel Readings



-Psychic Medium, Otherworld Connections

-Remote Energy Healing

-Cleansing Work

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5 Star Highly Rated Top Psychic ★★★★★

Ordained Minister

Kepler Trained

Over 20 Years of Experience


I have thousands of satisfied repeat clients who have consulted me over the past 20 years. My gift to help you comes through prayer and meditation. I will always guide you spiritually towards the right path.


-Super supportive, honest and clear. Has been very accurate :) ★★★★★

-Good reading picks up connection quickly ★★★★★

-Thank you for the brief reading im quite surprise but you were very detailed once again thank you ★★★★★

-Awesome!!! I now see my situation in a clear light as before I wasn’t so sure about what I was told. Having a reading with her help me more than anything!!! ★★★★★

*Sylvia’s Psychic readings and spells are novelty services and for Entertainment purposes only. No results are guaranteed. No refunds are provided. All of Sylvia’s services are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to, nor should it ever take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other professional advice. Sylvia will not accept responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon any readings, advice, consultations, communications or correspondence provided by her. The choices and decisions you make and the actions you take in response to any of her services are solely your responsibility. By contacting Sylvia for her services you agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify her from any and all possible losses, liabilities or damages.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) December 15, 2018, 12:15PM


$3.99 per minute (after your approval)


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5 MINUTE DEAL ~*New Clients Only*

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991 Reviews: 920 Excellent 55 Satisfactory 16 Unsatisfactory

07 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Liz (unregistered)

didnt get my question answered despite asking it several times over. she seemed disinterested in doing a reading, responses were slow and clipped.

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23 Jan 2018 unsatisfactory ranking amberaa

Asked for refund! Very sorry but don't feel your connected Why would someone want to move on from me But keep messaging to see meAnd the only person who has ever told Me another woman is involved, should be careful with that statement as it can break up families! Please refund!

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16 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking rocknroll83

Cold reading just told me generic information would like a refund

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06 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking rosemilla55

Reader told something quite rude. She said something like..."that's why he thinks you are still single". I am surprised to hear something like this since I am already married. I asked her if this is her thought, and she even said to find another reader if i want to be rude. Hello...Who is the rude one here?

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11 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking tonypetersamuel

prediction changes.. stay away

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