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Are you seeking inner peace, fulfillment and spirituality? If so, I can help I am a problem solver and I am happy to assist you in all areas of your life. Take the first step to a brighter and better tomorrow, by contacting today. Psychic Love Therapist


I am a psychic counselor with the gift and knowledge to guide you in all areas of your life to empower you by using your own inner strengths to help you enable positive internal energies. I have helped many people worldwide with a very high success rate. I can help in all problems in matters of the heart, I specialize in love relationships in giving never failing honest advise. My readings are accurate, compassionate, honest and thorough. I provide services such as Psychic Readings, Past Life Regressions, Soulmate Analysis, Compatibility Charts, Chakra Balancing/Aura Alignment and Intuitive Healing. Channeling through your name and date of birth I am able to look into your past, present and future and even your past life. I can offer my advice in matters relating to Love, Marriage, Divorce, Break Ups, New Relationships, Finances, Career, Education, Friends, Family, Pasted Away Loved Ones and All Legal Issues.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a natural born and 7th generation psychic I have been deeply involved with the art of clairvoyant for over 18 years and spent five consecutive years at the The Berkeley Psychic Institute studying Intuitive Healing and also have a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics I am also a certified Psychic Counselor.


In the beginning at a very young age I always knew I had a gift and was different from all my friends.

I remember very clearly that at the age of 4 I began to recognize an extra sense of others around me aside from my own thoughts and feeling. It was almost as if I could hear their thoughts or feel their pain. Most often, although people around me appeared to be very joyful and happy, I knew otherwise. I must admit, I questioned why this was happening to me and was not very accepting of this gift at first, I did not know if this was a curse or a blessing from my family that passed it down to me.

I was able to tell the thoughts of others around me. I remember my kindergarten teacher, whom for privacy reasons I will not share her name, was undergoing a divorce. I knew instantly, that there was a blond-haired, green-eyed lady who was causing her so much pain and distress. Each day that I would go into class, I would feel and see more and more – the blonde-haired lady, causing her suffering as if her spirit was tormented and one thing I can definitely say about her, is that she held herself very well. ​ ​One day, I decided to tell her if she knew who this lady was and she was shocked and surprised. She asked how I knew about this woman and if someone had told me. I began to explain to her that I kept seeing visions of this woman and described her in detail.

I told her that I continued seeing this woman around her, I stressed to her,”Please keep her out of your life; she’s hurting you.” She immediately began to cry, and asked me if I could tell her more. I told her I wasn’t sure. She asked me again how I knew the description of this woman. She then asked to speak to my mother. I remember her having a conversation with her, nodding her head and crying and that’s the day my mother sat down with me and explained to me what the visions and feelings were.

My mother said, “You are a beautiful and unique soul, with a God given gift, a blessing. You are a healer and a teacher.” She advised me that if I chose to learn more about this third eye vision that I had, she would always be there for me to help and to make sure that I wasn’t frightened by this gift. As time passed, I got older I came across my first tarot card deck and I felt and instant connection to them as if they where speaking to me without even knowing what they ment. I began reading for my closest friends and their friends and so on. I made so many friends by doing this.

The gratification of helping others is something that words really cannot express. I’ve been told many times by people that I was their guardian angel and I do see myself as an angel-like figure in the flesh to the thousands that I have helped over the years. By guiding and protecting others out of harms way, sadness, tears, darkness and basically wrong decision-making, opposite of what is truly meant for them, I am able to bring them true satisfaction and joy to the best extent possible in this physical dimension.

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