Pauline Thomas

Pauline Thomas


★★ Welcome to my profile. I consider myself a transparent & fluid psychic. I believe I have a natural talent at reading people. I will always be truthful to you. I believe deceit won’t get us anywhere. I won’t give you a fake story about your Prince Charming, but I will give you a peek into the next page of the book! :)

There will never be a shred of inconsistency nor will I tell you false information. I’m an articulate female – I am very quick-witted and dexterous meaning you will get quick & detailed responses. Psychics have been in my family for as long as I can remember, I’m continuing the family tradition in hopes I can make your life positive & filled with happiness. Say hello now!

Not only do I give readings on all subjects of life, I also do tarot readings & natal charts. If you are interested in a spell, I will happily walk you through the possibilities/possible outcomes. I am very fair with my prices. I’m /not/ limited to just love spells. I can also help in wealth, life & family issues


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a very well known psychic across many other websites, I’ve studied Astrology and spent many years working on spiritual growth and making sure my insight/spells were as accurate and powerful as possible.


I’ve preformed many spells and given hundreds of readings to many people.

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