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I offer psychic readings using spirit guides, crystals and tarot cards.

٠•♥ Twin Flame Readings ٠•♥ General Readings ٠•♥ Relationship/Love Readings ٠•♥ Messages From Your Guides/Spirit ٠•♥ Career Readings ٠•♥ Path Guidance and Choices ٠•♥ NO "WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR" READINGS

How to receive a smooth reading:

Please do not ask questions whilst I am trying to answer a previous one

Please add enough funds to cover any and all questions you need answered. Having to re-send charge causes disruption in the reading flow

Always be straightforward and honest, I am not here to judge

Please remain open minded as to what messages I give you as sometimes they make no sense straight away

I DO NOT OFFER REGULAR DAILY/WEEKLY readings. PLEASE WAIT at least 4/6 weeks (ideally 2 months) after ANY reading to receive accurate messages

To protect myself from energy drainage, sessions are limited to 30 minutes


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Spiritual Honest Readings

My method of reading is using tarot cards and messages from spirits and guides. These messages and predictions may not make sense initially but will at a later date – predictions happen with time

I pick up on the vibes you send at the time of the reading, so if you are stressed, unclear or untruthful with me, the reading can be compromised.

Please be reasonable in your expectations of me avoid asking specific questions such as "Has he read my text" ~ Please remember that I can only pass on messages that come through from spirit and advise what will happen if you continue on your current path.



I do not like to block clients, but if you reject a payment request or do not pay for the entire session with me, bitwine will block you from calling me again

This is my work, please respect my time.





♥♥ If you do not feel I am connected within the first few minutes please say so immediately, not after a 10+ minute reading.


♥♥ Sessions are a max of 30 minutes

♥♥ Please allow at least 4-6 weeks in between readings(with ANY reader) as I guarantee your reading will otherwise be compromised and inaccurate

♥♥ If you cancel a payment request without prior warning I will have to end the session (sorry)


♥♥ ONLY ASK questions in relation to yourself or connecting you, I cannot ask private questions about others

♥♥ Sorry NO Free Chats or Readings. Prolonging a reading without paying is wrong, please be respectful as this is my job and I cannot read for free

♥♥ I don’t take false reviews and accusations lightly, if during the session you are happy with the reading and then change your review because predictions did not happen within a few weeks or regret spending the money, I will report this to Bitwine and forward the transcript/your details to them if requested.

♥♥ Please be respectful and allow me a few minutes to connect and answer ONE question at a time – please do not bombard me with them.

♥♥ I am here only to pass on messages that come through and advise on what will happen if you continue in your current path. I do not have full conversations with spirits, I just receive information they are willing to provide at the time of your reading.

♥♥ I cannot provide readings in relation to financial, medical or legal advice, I can provide spiritual or personal advice, so always seek a Doctor’s or Professional’s opinion

DISCLAIMER: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. You agree that you are 18+ years of age (or your country’s minimum age requirement to use this site) & that services received are subject to your own interpretation. Please NEVER choose a path or base your life choices because of what a psychic has predicted or told you.

Should you choose to hire me, please note you are agreeing to pay for the advice given at the time of the service, with no expressed or implied warranties.

AGAIN REMEMBER! The more readings you get, the less accurate the reading will be as the subject will be literally under psychic attack. Too many readers/readings will confuse energies and delay predictions.

For a clear and accurate reading I personally suggest around 3 months since your last reading with ANY other medium or psychic. If you continually have readings, the connection will not be pure, so if you wish to have a clear reading then we suggest you wait.

If you choose to hire me you agree and understand the above

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18 Oct 2018 excellent ranking user123

Thank you :)

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18 Oct 2018 excellent ranking bartesagh1

Last time we spoke was in July. I had no clue what was going on with the person I was asking about. Everything AR said was happening with them, because I just found out from them. It is amazing how she can pick up on your energy and whether you are balanced and also getting too many readings. Everything about this woman is pure light. Thank you. Allow situations to unfold and TRUST.

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18 Oct 2018 excellent ranking tranxg

Thank you!!!! Beyond amazing! I have yet to connect with someone who understood EXACTLY what I am going through. I am speechless!

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18 Oct 2018 excellent ranking kdawggy

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I found you by accident but before I called you I asked the angels to help me and they sent me you. You are absolutely generous with your time and so caring. Picked up situations accurately and very ethical. God bless you ❤️

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12 Oct 2018 excellent ranking jacqui_chan23

Thank you for the guidsnce. Hope all pans out well and as predicted

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