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I will tell you even if its hard to hear. I am not worried about a bad review, I am concerned to always give you the truth.

So please understand, before you call me, I WILL TELL YOU THE HARD TRUTH.

Do not call if you want something delicately put, the spirits I work with are very direct and there is no other way – theres no bargaining with the truth. I am not in control of your loved ones I am the messenger.

PLEASE READ BEFORE CALLING ME – these are my terms and conditions, by calling it is an agreement, that you understand and accept



All details inclusive. No refunds.

- limited time special -

mention "STARLIGHT" within the first few minutes of our chat to receive an exclusive discount!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

The invisible college of the Ascended Masters – [Still training]

Training under my Shamanic Mentor for over 10 years.

Rainwalker is an older soul, and because of this there is a no BS mentality – come to me genuine and to the point, and you will receive the same in return.

If you have not respected , I will not waste my time, as i will not waste yours.


I have been using my gifts, since I was 3.

However, they did not begin to evolve into a deeper sense, [other realms, and secrets of the story keeper] until I reached the age of 11.

It was then that I wrote my first book on quentisism, the rhythm of the water and emotions and created my first deck.

I had always had to keep my gifts a secret, growing up around those who did not understand, even being a generational psychic, my passed Grandma taught me what my parents hid. When I turned, 16 – I began actively using my gift to help others.

At the Age of 21, I first met my mentor, who began to work with me and train me in the ways of Shamanism, he taught me very much and I have a great respect for him this day.

Since my abilities are natural, they do not take much time. —the moment you call me I see your attributes, hair color , build and feel your energy. I am primarily Empathic with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Claircognisance.

I do not like to waste time, and the spirits I work with are very old, so we like to get to the point and we can be a bit cranky ;)

but I assure you I am one of the most genuine caring people you will meet and my goal is to truly help you.

Give me a call today, lets get you some clarity.

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