Life Coach and Shamanic Guide, Connection before call, Real answers.


Feed a man, and he will be full for a day. Teach a man to cook, and he will be full for life.

I am going to let you in on a secret that has been hidden from you…

We ALL have the gift.

Yes. You.

I want YOU to KNOW how to use it.

I want you to be free of confusion for the rest of your existence.

First, we work on whats happening with your life now.

Yes, we can talk about your love life and look into it, yes we can find your lost objects, yes we can look into the people who have passed and see their energy and what you need to know but dont forget WHY you are here—

why I am here.


That’s my reason for being on bitwine, so please call me when you’re ready to make some changes and you want to hear truth from an old soul.

I wont sugarcoat, at all. its not in my makeup.

Ask me what you need, give me a call <3

Get ready to change your life!

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