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Runic guidance, Advice of the bones and Meditation coaching


Callum has been Fate reading since he was a young boy, taught spiritualism and reading by his Grandmother and continued it over the next twelve years. He does not give advice from the other side or the earth, instead reading patterns in the Runes and the Dice foretelling the end of current situations and course of events. Using Norse runes in three-rune, single-rune and full-rune castings to view the turning wheels of fate at least for a moment he will inform you on the course of events as they are currently in play, will advise where he can but do not expect a simple or even clear answer. Casting Dice or "Bones" in a two die, four die or six die cascade allows him to tap into the flow of the world and inform on the the positive and negative energies of the current course of events. The Bones aid in his rune casting to give you the most informed reading he can. He also teaches meditations and rituals for emotion and energy/aura control, spirit contacting and channelling as well as astral projection.


Close to ten years experience with Rune Casting, Tarot reading, Fate reading and Fortune telling as well as meditation, Occultism and Spiritualism. Originally taught by my grandmother who was a tarot reader, crystal user and spiritualist for over forty years.

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