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Hi my name is Teresa I have been a Psychic Medium since I was a little girl. I kept it a secret for many years until I met my soul mate Yuri. We had two beautiful children they have supported me and encouraged me to embrace my gift & to show it to the world. I started on face book doing free readings to my followers and with my 97% accuracy I decided to go the next step so I am a stay at home mom/psychic medium & Spiritual Healer. Here to help anyone who needs my help? I can finely use my special gift god has given me.

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The dead are just as needy if not more as the living I have tried many ways to deal with my gift I first tried to ignore them that worked for a minute until they see you seeing them than they get pushy…. I than tried to help all I could it caused me to get sick… Now I just try to help the living and the dead so here I am finding ways to use the gift god blessed me with… I am emphatic and a spiritual healer! Mostly I am a physical medium so I can but hardly let the dead enter my body. I am also a psychic so I use my gift to help both the living and the dead…


(Someone asked this question!!!) Will i ever become the phycic tv hosts that i made up my mind that i want 2b? And b very rich? I SAID:I see you writing a book and eventually you will be on good morning America but not for 5 years That Person said:YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!11111 THANK U. FB IS NOT CONNECTED WITH BLURB, U R PSYCHIC. i JUST FINISHED MY FIRST BOOK, AND i’m TRYING TO PUBLISH THAT. DON’T HAVE THE MONEY YET! THANK U, HAPPY THANK’S GIVING, U JUST MADE MY DAY, i NEEDED THAT JOY! I met her through a friend and I was having a not so good day and my friend suggested I get a reading and i agreed she knew things that nobody knew but me her reading changed me she opened my eyes to many good things thank you — with Forever Psychic Medium Teresa.

I can’t believe how many things she got right about my life!!! If anybody needs anything or wants to know something ask don’t be afraid to ask

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