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For the past eight years, I have been using the awesome power of astrology to help give others the clarity, insight, and peace of mind that they need in order to move forward on their paths. I provide guidance in love, career, life purpose, and other areas.

Because I use a special area of astrology called horary to draw up charts for analysis, I do not need to have any of your personal details such as time, place, or date of birth. Instead, you simply ask me a specific yes/no question, and I will create a chart of the heavens at that exact moment that will reflect your unique situation. I will then interpret what I see in that chart to provide you with an answer to your question.

This specialized branch of astrology is very good at giving clear yes/no answers and time frames for future events, if any are indicated. However, please understand that some flexibility in describing the time frames may be necessary.

My reading style is interactive, and kind but direct. I won’t waste your time with fluff.

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