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Greetings to all! My name is dolly, and I am a first generation psychic where as I am the first psychic in my family. My gifts include: Remote viewing (Meaning I can seek feelings/impressions about a distant indivisual whom I’ve never met before), Spirit guides (Connecting to your Guides around you to give you deeper insight on the topic/issue at hand),And Automatic writing (producing writing words without physcially writing). Stated above as well, I use my spirit guides and your spirit guides to seek insightful answers and the clarity you need in addition to that, I use tarot cards (optional) to detect feelings/thoughts/emotions. I am also clairvoyant (Meaning that I have the ability to to see the past present and future),Empathic (meaning that I can feel one’s emotions and feelings). With All of these skills and techniques, I am able to provide insightful answers and an excellent quality of clairity to your situation. I dont sugar code, and I am very honest. I look forward to speaking with you guys soon!

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