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  • Please allow a reasonable amount of time! Depending on the complexity of your question(s), please be kind enough to allow 5 minutes per question.
  • General readings include: family, friends / loving relationships, career / money / life purpose and also chakra / emotional reading. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for a full life "general reading". (HollyRocker is remarkably detailed! Will cover every area of your life and help you with your weaknesses. Just ask for my help!)

About time shifting (time frame readings)

  • Please let me know what areas of life you would like to address, ie: self, love, career, money, family, etc.
  • according to your expectation, I will speak to you in time, telepathically and empathically in the past, present or future.
  • my technique does not involve spirits or tools. I read your emotional reactions and subconscious mind, in the moment!
  • Disclosure: results based on current moment of reading-free-will can create changes!

I am not a medium.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Boston University, Massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Coachville, New Jersey Hay Foundation, California Institute for Noetic Science, California Church of Spiritual Humanism, Pennsylvania Universal Life Church, California


I am a professional non-credentialed psychic intuitive life / business coach, counselor, metaphysician, and healer. I have been practicing since 1989 in the capacity of providing life guidance.

Readings Offered:

  • time shifting: observation of any date or time frame within your life using empathy and telepathy to see your past, present and future
  • spiritual & emotional chakra readings & combinations: reading your energy and those around you
  • chakra compatibility between yourself and others
  • empathic / intuitive: master of metaphysics / emotional guidance
  • life coaching: subconsciousness guidance / dream interpretation
  • life purpose / life lessons / spiritual enlightenment: past & present lessons explained to you for purpose of your personal enlightenment.
  • past life or childhood regression: 1/2 hour of time & quiet needed for past life or childhood regression (you see your own repressed childhood or past life while in a trance!)
  • animal communication: telepathy with your pet / animal. Please have them nearby you
  • psychic enhancement and mentoring
  • adjustment to new situations
  • personal finances
  • career, work & business
  • education
  • life path / purpose
  • life abundance & happiness
  • emotional aspects
  • understanding of self, friends, family and lovers
  • environmental
  • home
  • manifestations
  • advanced spiritual subconscious mastery
  • awareness / breaking patterns that cause unhappiness
  • problem solving
  • emotional closure
  • cord disconnections
  • removing attachments and improving your belief systems so you can remove any curse or disable any negative witchcraft
  • removing blocks and negative thinking
  • positive affirmations
  • inspiration and empowerment
  • personal potential
  • reasoning
  • love compatibility
  • soul mates / twin-flame / triple flame
  • abandonment issues
  • trust issues
  • view of self
  • how others view you
  • spiritual & life coaching
  • faith & belief coaching
  • explanation for your life and it’s patterns
  • enlightenment and life mastery training
  • positivity training
  • law of attraction, karma, dharma and wise paths
  • chinese energy readings and guidance for productivity
  • meditation
  • I found the BEST to predict exact time!!!! Been searching for a while and just found her. She is the right woman for the job to help!!! Amazing and gifted lady!. TY Rock! You rock!!! reena
  • I have spoken to many reader’s and spent 1000s. Believe me when I say Rock is by far, the best and most accurate. She provided detailed info about now that nobody could know. I knew a few things coming and she hit on them without me asking a question. Talk to her no matter what she charges. She will save you hundreds of dollars with one call. Guaranteed!!! InfUni
  • I have been around the block with psychics and initiatives. This girl has it, she is fabulous. I cannot say enough about her being on target, intuitive reading was so on point. she gives so much information that is helpful. Babs
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