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I am a born gifted psychic I use my gift to lead and guide people in the right direction.

I have helped many people to follow their dreams and manifest their goals into reality while helping them to gain further courage and strength in their lives.

I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you. Your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, and your concerns.

I will listen without judgment. Stop feeling like your the only one in this very hard world we all live in. Let me help you see life for the better!

I will put you on the right path and help you see a better tomorrow! And will give you only the truth that you need to hear not what you want to hear.

I specialize in all types of reading’s Tarot card reading’s, Love reading’s, Aura reading’s,

If you want to know the truth and find a solution to your problems then Chat with me for an honest Reading!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a natural-born Certified psychic. I can help you with all your life concerns I can tell your past, present, and future. I can solve all your life dilemmas. Such as Love, marriage, finance, reunite’s loved ones.

I use my psychic skills in a straight forward manner to better peoples’ lives. I read energies. I am guided by three spirit guides to help me give clear uncomplicated readings. It is my philosophy to help callers understand why they are where they are currently, and to provide them with choices to continue on a secure and happy journey in life. I do not need tools but can read Tarots upon request.

With my psychic gifts and abilities, I can read your past present and future, Learn how to work with your Soul Mate, or how to bring a Soul-Mate into your life.


I have over 10 years of experience and I have helped many of people across the world I also am a Dream & Vision Interpreter I can

*Reunite lover *Stop breakups *Prevent a divorce *stop him/her from cheating *Stop him/her from drifting away *Have him/her commit *Prevents family interferences *Job/Financial *Family *Depression *Anxiety

I do all types of Reading’s

Love readings I will do you a love spread to uncover what the cards have in store for you.

Past, present & future I can give you insight as to what’s going on right now in your current life, how it’s going to unfold along with going into the past to correct what’s colliding with your present and keeping it out of your future.

Energy readings I can read off of other’s vibes or even your very own.

Oracle readings Your angels want to tell you what you need to hear. They will protect and give you messages as to what’s in store.

So chat with me Today and Have a Clearer & Better tomorrow.

May’s 2019 Favorite Reviews

Ranj1000 May 18th, 2019

Absolutely brilliant…if you want to know all the inner details of any situation, please don’t hesitate to call. She knows everything and can give you amazing guidance and truth that will send you free. I trust in her and am sure you will too. Thanks for everything

Embracelovely May 13th, 2019

She was very on point and the timeframe was worth it. One of her predictions came to pass already and within the timeframe that she stated. Wow! I will update my feedback as timeframes predicted become reality! Thank you so much, honey!

Sweetmahogany2104 May 7th, 2019

I have spent a lot on this site and this was by far the most detailed reading that I have received. I was shocked at how much detail she knew about my life. I will definitely be back for time frames and more readings in the future. Thank you so much and bless you, Idalia.

Nikkig May 4th, 2019

Incredible reading. So quick and accurate in picking up on the situation. She gives so much detail. A very caring and sweet lady as well. I look forward to the predictions, which seemed realistic based on what she was seeing. Highly recommended.

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