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Please allow me to unveil your future and unlock your eyes to your destiny that lies ahead! I can't promise you prince charming but I can give you a peek into the next chapter! Very intuitive. Fast typist. Straight up insight!


❧To all the hearts that wander my way- Greetings, you were sent to me by fate! I can guide you throughout every aspect of life without sprinkling over reality. Please allow me the chance to open up your heart, body, soul & mind to a spiritual awakening. After just one session I will fill that empty hole in your heart and bring back what you sought for (or perhaps replace it with something new?!) I am a light-worker along with natural born psychic that has connections to the spiritual realm and Love Goddesses from beyond our point of view. Specializing in all aspects of life! Such as: Love, Financial & career forecasting, life coaching, addictions, spiritual guidance, spell work & speaking to the belated spirits whom had passed on to the other realm. I am perfectionist so you will get the uttermost out of your reading with me, however I will NOT tell you what you want to hear! What I see is what you get! If I don’t see it, you don’t get it. I can’t paint you a fairytale if I don’t see it coming into play.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

☪ Natural born psychic I can see where your future is headed & give you insight as to what lies ahead along with going into the past to see what lies behind you

☪Clairivoyance I am blessed with gift of clairvoyance, giving me the ability to convey messages from a higher power through the sense of tapping under emotions and motives. intuition, sense, sight & feel.

☪ White Angel healer I can teach you how to detach the negative energy that is controlling you & help regain your sanity by rejuvenating your soul by the help of the Gods & Angels through reiki.

☪ Master spell caster All of my spells are cast with the purest form of light white magic & divine love; I DO NOT cast black magic of any sort. I have a large array of different spells, potions, crystals, prayers & such. Upon request I can conjure up custom spells as long as your intentions do not infringe upon another individuals free will.

☪ Certified tarot reader I use an ancient deck of cards that was passed on to unveil the future.


☯ Blessed be to all!

Let me tell you a bit about my walk: I walk in a humble path, meaning that I am not superior to anything or anyone on this planet! When gathering knowledge or sacred power it is not an ego trip for me but act of service. I am only a vessel for spirit to use to share the truth and love! My spirit is older than time but my heart is young and free! I am with all of nature. I am running across the medows, swimming to the deepest parts of the ocean and souring through the stratosphere! I feel it all within. I see the past, present and future. I am the teacher as well as the student. I am always learning, growing forward and onward! I am an orphan of origin and was left on the doorsteps in the midst of the night to a pagan couple who couldn’t have children. I am a psychic along with witch. Now there is no such thing as a good or bad witch! We are all the same, some with wicked intentions however that is not who I am. Life revolves yin & yang- there is bad in the most innocent of them all but there is also a light that shines through the most darkest tunnel ;) I do not judge and love all! I am here to mend your broken heart and revive your spirit!

I am NOT new to the spiritual game. I’ve been doing this since birth and professionally for over 9 years online and over the phone. I also do readings at a Psychic Eye in Baltimore, Maryland. Stop by sometimes if you’re in the area. I’d love to see you!

I belong to a coven with my sisters and we’re always traveling so you never know when you might see me in your town! I can answer any question that is on your mind and provide you with every ounce of insight that there is. I use pretty much every spiritual tool you can think of when it comes to connecting with the other realm.

Want to bring a lover back? Wondering when you’re going to meet your twin flame? Put an end to all that is against you and colliding with all that you can be within this life? Or maybe you’re curious about your past live(s)? Had a dream that left you thristy for more? Looking for a new job? Anxieties? Afraid of something? Wanting to fulfill your goals in life?Whatever it may be, I can give you that!

I promise you’ll leave with a better understanding and glow upon your face. I am fun & witty to chat with and I make sure you’re comfortable when conducting our session. So stop depriving yourself from your long awaited over-due clarity and come and get it! ;)

And with that said, I can’t wait to be your psychic! ☯

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