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Did you know that your emotions are your sixth sense? And did you know that by paying attention to your emotions and responding appropriately to them you could move your life in a positive direction in all matters? The best advisors are those who teach practical techniques and real knowledge that can be used in future situations. I am a warm, friendly, honest, down to earth, individual who holds a PhD in psychology and human development. I teach both subjects at a community college in my position as an associate professor. I teach meditation, body, mind, and spirit connection, and self-hypnosis, and can serve as a spiritual coach. If you are seeking realistic, honest direction that is based on the sciences of human development and psychology while depending on the strategies and wise counsel of the East I look forward to chatting with you.

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PhD Educational Psychology emphasis Human Development M.A. Psychology emphasis Child Development B.A. Psychology emphasis Human Development


10 years Associate Professor of Psychology and Early Childhood Education

District Academic Standards member Senator of College Lead instructor of Discipline Assistant Chair of Department

Numerous Academic Awards Published Dissertation Published Thesis

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