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I pick the opportunities in your future and make things better for you,let me empower your spirit.Tell you the True intentions of your Love Connection


Truthful and Honest reading in the areas of Love life with my Spiritual and Psychic Abilities with the detail insight which will help you to solve your issues in your Life….

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I am a Psychic and face reader by birth. I get indications in mind and senses about things and people. I am perfect in Numerological readings basically based on Arabic form of Numerology. I have an intense command over spiritual healing, spells and its removals. I can read minds of anyone or any number of people just by their names. Very pleased to be here and serve. I have been providing the best of my services in my personal surroundings and have been a part of the Internet Psychic Communities. i have been loved and acclaimed by so many who are now my regular friends seeking support during times of confused situations in their lives. My reputation follows me due to God s given abilities and with the hard earned knowledge i have gained. If you are seeking anything regarding career, financial situations, situations just not being good and well, or even if you are intending to know about any upcoming plan or thing, or even if you want to know what someone has on mind, whats going on with people


i am having 20 years of experience nature born i am a psychic reader & I have helped many people create changes in their lives & Helping people to heal them & I can and will help you to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at you. With my help I will guide you to the right path to achieving your aims, desires,wishes and dreams With help of the Angels I assist my clients to find their true path in life.

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Languages: english

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+05:30) October 18, 2018, 07:59PM

Location: Portugal  (Find on Google Maps)

$0.50 per minute (after your approval)


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Love life with my Spiritual and Psychic Abilities

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12 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking sweetqt777

I know going to read the first reading that I had with this person where she made a lot of Scare Tactics to try to get me to keep coming back and adding more money to the call she even blocked me when I said I couldn't talk at that time any longer This kind of practice is uncalled for she had me scared that I needed to make that Third charge to get advice to help a situation only to find that she gave me advice I already knew and had told her I would be doing in the first call So she had nothing to add I didn't need to add any more money and when I gave her a chance for a second call later a few weeks later she again has told me nothing in 20 minutes almost no information and tried to charge me again if you want to play games and you don't really want to do a proper reading and you want to just suck my money I'll go somewhere else She's extremely slow and I think she's doing it intentionally even in 20 minutes extremely slow

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12 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking sweetqt777

This is my second reading with her the first one she made me do three separate charges just to give me very little information she made it seem very imperative that I do the Third charge where she said she would give me tips which was really to tell me what had said I would be doing in the first call So she is Scare Tactics to try to keep me on the phone meanwhile giving me very little information for the money she has done it yet again today Willie this time I won't be making other calls or charges She does have some information to give but why would you want to spend a whole bunch of money to get very little at a time and have her play games when you could just go to another reader will tell you what you want to know in the first call This person sucks your money and plays games you need to stay away

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14 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking dap3200

HER practice is extremely unethical. She told me a million beautiful thongs about me and ny POI , but when I asked her to verify connection with any detail, she was unable to correctly. I am gravely dissapointed because its wrong Unethical and DISGUSTING TO lie to clients for money when you have no PSYCHiC ability.

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17 May 2017 unsatisfactory ranking amv1979

No good dont waste your time or money.

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08 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking lpcalpoly

After spending $20 on this reading, I came to realize this person was typing the exact same words on a job description posted by a firm I applied to. They went to this office's website and copied and pasted the details of the job description. I felt like this is very wrong and misleading. I want a refund.

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