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Iriana’s Healing Solutions is the culmination of years of working with personal stumbling blocks and those of large numbers of client’s who I have had the privlege of speaking with. There is nothing more fulfilling then supporting someone in walking into the open door of their life’s passion and purpose.These are some of the tools included in my work.

  • Soul & Angel Oracle Readings – I have been using Healing with the Angels and Soul Coaching Cards for many years. The messages from them are motivating, inspirational and healing.
  • Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance – The work is specific to your needs and often get

    If we look around us there is change everywhere….sometimes it is right in front of us and we can’t miss it.The best way to prepare for change is to tap into your innermost sanctuary…the deep wellspring of wisdom that we all have within.

    This is the time to find the tools, teachers, teachings and inner quiet time that can and will support you into the next level of your experience.
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Spiritual Counselor

Certified Spiritual Psychic Consultant

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Intuitive Guide

Trained in Jungian Dreamwork


For the past 30 years Iriana has been experiencing and sharing with other Seekers along the Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness and the releasing of our EGO centered natures. Iriana has studied the Mystery Schools of the East and the West, Tarot, Numerology, Universal Numbers, Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Dream Interpretation, Channeling, A Course in Miracles and The Infinite Way as shared by Joel S. Goldsmith. Having the good fortune to have lived in AZ for 20 years, she was exposed to a variety of classes in Energy Healing and has advanced experience with Reiki, Touch for Health, Sound & Color healing along with a number of other studies.

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