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Dating Advice * Relocation * Intention of your Person of Interest * Should you move on? Can I trust Him? * Will this long distance relationship develop further? * ... These are some of the many aspects that can be looked in during a session with me. New Clients are only charged once a connection is Proved.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

December 1, 2017 Post: Year Ahead Reading: 150$ (75 Mins Reading in Live Chat Session, Covering Relationship & Career Aspects)

Adults 18 and over are eligible for a session only.

Prior A Reading: Anything a client finds triggering or difficult to talk about needs to be shared before the session begins, if possible.

Confidentiality: A client’s name and reading details are kept in confidentiality

Disclaimer: For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.

Payments & Refunds: No Charge-backs & No Refunds (Please Note you are paying for my time during consultation/session)


TAROT & RELIGION: Tarot is NOT a tool of the “Devil" or any other negatively attuned energy form.

Some religious traditions do not accept the practice of fortune-telling and in that case there are non-predictive Tarot readings that can be done and are still of great help and clarity while keeping to certain religious beliefs.

"Bad luck does not come from broken mirrors but from broken minds"

I DO NOT SUPPORT SPELL WORK, THE MAGIC IS IN YOU (Intention and Will) is all that you need to create your own destiny. If you want to know How? Take a session with me, MINUS the shopping list of Spells and Cleanings.

Finally I would be requesting anyone coming in for a reading to be FAIR TO MY TIME.

Hope to Chat with you soon. XOXO

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