Neil Blacknwhite

Tarot & Lenormand Expert


ACCURATE & TRUSTED READINGS Several Time Frame Based Predictions Have Passed.

I use My Intuition and Tarot to Channel the Information from the other side.

You are welcome to go through my reviews and join me for a life empowering reading :) Many Blessings!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

LEGAL Disclaimer:- For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.

Payments & Refunds: No Charge-backs & No Refunds Given (Please Note you are paying for my time during consultation/session which is non-refundable)


What I DO NOT provide in my list of service.

I DO NOT SUPPORT SPELL WORK, THE MAGIC IS IN YOU (Intention and Will) is all that you need to create your own destiny. If you want to know How? Take a session with me, MINUS the shopping list of Spells and Cleanings.

I DON’T INVEST IN FEAR or Encourage Paranoia. If you feel you want someone to confirm you someone is out to get you, or someone has cast a Magic on you. I am not your Reader.

I can only wish that you FREE YOUR MIND from such trappings and live free from the shadows of your imaginations. If you want to know how to break your fears and not be co-dependent on anyone you are welcome to connect with me.

If you are wondering what a reading can be with me, dont wait! connect with me Now on chat i am happy to do a connection (Free) to validate. If No Connection then No Reading.

Finally I would be requesting anyone coming in for a reading to be FAIR TO MY TIME, i am currently offering Competitive Packages and Per Minute rate for Readings, i do as well give Extra Time (BUT ON MY OWN DISCRETION)

Hope to Chat with you soon. XOXO

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