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Before I tell you what I am and what I do, first I should tell you what I am NOT. I am NOT a Psychic or a Medium or someone who claims to have supernatural or "god-gifted" powers. Those things are simply not real or at least in the sense we and hollywood percieves them, they do not exist. I am not a mind reader or someone who claims to be able to foresee future events in a mystical sense. If someone claims those things, they are simply after your money and are not actually intersted in helping you. I am not here to take advantage of people. I am here to help individuals.

I am a Spiritual Advisor. What does this mean? I am a mentor, a friend, someone who can offer counsel and direction in your life. I can help you make your life more manageable and easier and show you a better way to handle your own issues and guide you down those tough decisions you need to make. While I know not everyone will be ready to hear what I have to say, I will never sugar coat something or give you lofty fairy tales.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

University of Sedona: Masters in Metaphysical Science.

We work together in a team effort to isolate the issues in your life, how they came to be where they are, and what we can do together to ensure those issues do not repeat themselves, or if need be how to erradicate them from your life. Sometimes it’s a simple answer, other times it does take signifigantly longer. But for me it is my goal with every client to one day hear them say that they finally understand and no longer need me to help guide them along their path. That they can walk free and clear with direction and motivation and comfort knowing that I have given them the tools for their own freedom and self-empowerment.


I have completed my Masters in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona, and am currently working on my dissertation for my Doctorate specializing under Holistic Counseling.

I am an am ordained minister for the Universalist Church.

I have studied various forms of theology and mysticism for over a decade.

During this time I have completed more than 10,000 individual sessions with clients all over the world.

I have had numerous articles published in various Spiritual Newsletters such as: Insights & Advice.

I am also working on a project to have a Youtube channel to post weekly spiritual insights videos.

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09 Sep 2017 satisfactory ranking masher101

was too slow to type but picked up on my situation very well.

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26 Jul 2017 satisfactory ranking caz066

Not 100% sure how I feel about this reading. He seemed to be a lot slower to respond than other advisors. Given it was a timed call you have to ask why. He did tell me he was looking into the subjects energies and this may well be the case. As for what he's told me, only time will tell. It's certainly what I wanted to hear, whether its what I need to hear, or the truth, remains to be seen. He gave me a timeline and then seemed to back away from that slightly so I'm a little confused. I'll update one way or the other. Thank you.

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02 Dec 2016 satisfactory ranking kajsa88 (unregistered)

Testing out service didn't actually ask anything. Still perplexed by my my own tarot spread...

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29 Sep 2014 satisfactory ranking yani87


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29 Aug 2013 satisfactory ranking srs102077

tech issue but thanks

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